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Ritmos Negros

Feb 28, 2021

You are now listening to Ritmos Negros! Aren’t you tired of the snow?? Well...ME TOO! (For those who live in cold climates) Let’s go to the Dominican Republic!!

In this 1st episode of the 2nd Season, we dive deep into the Dominican Republic's complex history, the Haitian-Dominican tensions, and how these stories relate to Bachata music & dance. We’ll answer questions like “How does Africa connect to Bachata?” and “How did the transformation of Bachata to a global style impact Dominican identity?”

No guests this time. It’s just you and I!

Bachata Music Links & Sources -

Black in Latin America by Henry Louis Gates Jr.:

Derecho, Majao, & Mambo Rhythms:

Por Esa Mujer by Franklin Medina:

Amorcito Enfermito:

Florecita Blanca by Anthony Santos:

Propuesa Indecente Music Video: