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Ritmos Negros

Oct 25, 2020

You are now listening to Ritmos Negros!  We’ve landed!!!  Our first destination: Yorubaland!  Then, CUBA! Unbuckle your seat belts and wear those masks as we witness the sacred ceremony that gave birth to one of Salsa’s oldest ancestors! RRRRumba! I will be your guide on this adventure-filled quest as we quite literally meet the Salsa Gods! 

Welcome to Part 1 of the Salsa Series!

In this series, consisting of 4-5 episodes, we will focus on genres of music and dance that have influenced present-day salsa music.  “Salsa” is actually a coined term created by Latino immigrants in New York around the 1960s.  It is literally a fusion of different musical styles.  Through conversations with dancers, academics, and more who share a HUGE passion for this style, we’ll uncover the ingredients of this delicious, hip-shaking rhythm.


Yoruba Religion


Rumba Clave