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Ritmos Negros

Sep 27, 2020

You are now listening to Ritmos Negros!  Hey there, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Brandon Hampton, and I will be your host on this journey.  As we fly into the uncovered depths of history, you might experience a little motion sickness, shock, and turbulence.  But don't fear!  You will be at the edge of your seats, safely so, as we take off to a very diverse and beautiful land called Latin America.  In this musically vibrant region filled with rhythm and soul, you'll discover a hidden secret that has almost been erased from history! 

But first, we have to take it back.  Way back!  We're in the Colonial era during slavery.  Did you know that only 6% of African captives were sent directly to North America during the transatlantic slave trade?  Find out what happened to the other 94% here!  What differs among the “Black” experience of people in Latin America vs. the U.S.?  What connection do people of the African Diaspora share through music and dance?

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Intro and Outro Song:

Vamos a Tocar Sonero by Frank Guerrero y Su Grupo Aché

Background Music:

Flamenco Rhythm by Sunsearcher

Beautiful Danca by Lobo Loco


***Editing by Jack DePuy***